About me

About me – Florian Bogdan

My career highlights

Here’s some info about me and my work in the last 10 years in the digital marketing sector.

More information about my education as DI (FH), advertising education at the University of Economics Vienna and my MBA etc. on LinkedIn.

Twitter -> twitter.com/flowb0

I am a big fan of applying common sense in marketing

With common sense, you can actually do very good (online) marketing on your own and some of the smartest business people often just sat down and did a little brainstorming before setting up their campaigns / sales efforts.

In my opinion, this is often somewhat neglected nowadays. That’s also where my approach comes from: working out and discussing a lot together with the customer before it goes into implementation. Since 2016, I have also been very enthusiastic about the growth hacking and growth marketing approach, which I like to bring into play when implementing projects.

Creativity in the production of advertising materials & marketing

n recent years, I increasingly photograph and edit videos. Besides the music I’ve been doing for a long time, this is a good addition to my hobbies. Through my work at Austria Advertising and ING-DiBa I was able to plan and implement large (international) campaigns with 5-6-7 digit advertising budgets.

In combination, the colorful collection of hobbies then results in music videos or similar experiments like dubbing of short films. In short, the audio/video/photo world is also a lot of fun for me and can be combined very well with digital marketing.

More details about freshestweb’s clients and the implementations for them

Areas I have covered as an agency: Growth Hacking – Growth Marketing, Digital Strategy, Content Strategy and Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Google Adwords Ads – SEA – SEM Agency, Online Marketing.