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Last updated on November 1, 2021, 12:16 AM

Since WordPress has been the most used CMS (Content Management System) for quite some time now, the number of specialized web space providers is increasing daily. From this multitude it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and to find inexpensive and reliable providers

Tips for choosing a wordpress webspace provider

Since I have used several providers over the years and have seen them in use by customers and employers, I will summarize my tips here to support you in your selection.

Only little traffic – I’ll just take the cheapest provider

This is usually the biggest mistake that most beginners make. The dumping prices where you can get your wordpress hosting for 50-60€ per year, you will regret at the latest the first time you try to switch from there or when you need their support for the first time.

Good support is worth its weight in gold

Since WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, WordPress-based websites are of course also a preferred target for hackers. Code injections via plugins and WordPress versions that have been forgotten to be updated are not uncommon.

Here, a good support team often comes to the rescue and can quickly revert and install a backup that has not yet been infected or help to detect and delete the malicious code.

With cheap hosting providers they usually show their true colors at this moment because you are asked to pay a lot for the backup install and even a bill of a few hundred euros in not uncommon. Also help from competent / experienced WordPress professionals to support you is quite scarce or only available for a hefty fee.

Exactly the opposite, namely excellent support and help even with code injections I could get at my favorite Mittwald*. With all my support questions so far, I have always received competent answers and also very good explanations that also explain the background to technical conditions. That’s how I want it and I think just this additional information that helps WordPress users is an extra goodie that you rarely get from service providers.

WordPress Staging environment for tests and experiments

If you are more serious about your website and want to keep your finger on the pulse as a company, it pays to choose a hosting provider that also offers a staging environment. On a staging environment, the current version of the website can be mirrored in order to either redesign it or to try out experiments.

Often the staging environment is also used to test if after a plugin update everything still works as usual. Especially for websites with high traffic volume and stores it makes sense to test plugin updates and wordpress core updates first on the staging environment before doing them on the live version of the website :)

Backups are usually included by default, but you should check if they are also free of charge or if you have to pay for them when you need a revert to a backup.

My favorites among WordPress hosting providers

Over the last 10 years that I have been working with WordPress, 2 favorites have emerged.

Mittwald and Raidboxes.

Mittwald*, because the support is the best I have ever experienced and the prices are still fair and reasonable. I have also never experienced downtime or outages. As mentioned above, the support has also been super quick to help with hacked websites and we were able to get the problem under control quickly (at no extra cost). Since Mittwald is also a German provider and the servers are located in Germany, you don’t need to worry as much (as a company) when it comes to sensitive data as with providers that are not from the EU.

Raidboxes*, I was able to use and test more often in the last year and are virtually a fresh challenger on the market. The management interface is particularly noteworthy here and is simply fun to use. However, Raidboxes not only offers something for the eye. The support is also very good (but not quite up to Mittwald). And the performance is also excellent. But especially in terms of performance, all medium to high-priced WordPress hosting providers are pretty much in the same league, in my opinion.