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Last updated on September 4, 2021, 11:46 AM

How does this influencer create this cool Insta Story?

Video und der Aufstieg von Instagram Stories
Top 5 Instagram Story Apps
Unser Favorit für Instagram Stories: Unfold
InShot Video Editor
CutStory von Instagram
A design Kit

Video and the rise of Instagram Stories

Instagram grows and grows and grows and so does the Instagram Story feature. In addition to many right decisions to cut off competitors like Snapchat in time (copying the face filter/selfie filter and Stories, …), the third party app ecosystem to Instagram is also growing rapidly.

With Instagram Stories, there is also a possibility to craft a really cool video story with the simplest means and nothing stands in the way of successful storytelling via video & photo. Content marketing continues to move into the video corner and as has been the case for years, the trend towards video in social media thus continues even stronger. 

But how do some influencers now manage to craft these insanely professional-looking stories? Quite simply, with the apps mentioned above, of which I will briefly present a few in detail here.

Top 5 Instagram Story Apps


unfold - instagram stories insta story top apps vorlagen video photo gestaltung

A large part of the best looking Instagram Stories from the big / well-known influencers are probably currently created with this app. Feels like the most complete app for me and also the fastest in the further development of visually very appealing Instagram Story templates. There is a bit of free stuff, but the prices for the slightly cooler template sets are also still very human with about 4.99€. -> Unfold website.


canva - instagram stories insta story app vorlagen video

Canva should never be ignored either, as this Swiss Army Knife of content creation platforms is also always pretty quick with good templates for the latest social media developments. Here, too, there is a wealth of Insta Story templates, some of which are quite pretty and free. Especially in Canva’s mobile app, you can work very quickly and smoothly here.

The free version of Canva is already very powerful and is probably enough for most use cases. However, if you want to add more team members, and I would recommend Canva for Work (per version), for $119.40 annually or $12.95 monthly.
The biggest advantage of the Canva for Work version, in my opinion, is:

the easy storage of all CI / CD colors that you then quickly have to choose from when creating content,
as well as the resizing of images for all possible platforms if you have already created a subject and want to roll it out on all channels.
In addition, you can also work as a team with shared folders and Canva takes over the role of a document management tool.

Canva also makes an extremely good figure for print productions and of course for online whitepapers there are tons of extremely good templates to choose from. So just take a look at the free version or test the pro version for 30 days for free.

InShot Video Editor

InShot video editor - instagram stories insta story app vorlagen video

A relatively powerful video editor with which you can also add music to the video clips very easily. But as always the more the tool can do the more complex the operation. -> InShot Video Editor in the iOS Store. InShot Video Editor in the iOS Store

CutStory by Instagram

cutstory - instagram stories insta story app vorlagen video

Instagram itself has also launched an extra Story editing app called CutStory. The main feature is to be able to quickly cut longer videos into 15 second clips in order to be able to post them in the Insta Story format. This saves you some work if you already have the cut and then only have to add the text and other info to the individual clips to tell a nice story :)

A design Kit

a design kit app - instagram stories insta story app vorlagen video

With its somewhat unusual name, “A design kit” provides a whole construction kit of brushes / fonts / stickers and designs to liven up your individual story clips.

More tools for online marketers and digital workers

Since there are a lot of tools out there, I’ve created a list with the most useful ones I’ve come across so far. So if you are in the digital marketing / online marketing field, it’s probably worth a look.

FAQs to Instagram Story templates

Does Canva offer Instagram Story templates?

Yes. Canva already offers a ton of great Insta story templates.