E-Mail Marketing Growth Hacks

Last updated on August 10, 2021, 9:01 PM

Small and big growth hacks on the topic of email marketing

Email marketing is something like the perennial favorite in online marketing. Over the years and decades there have been many ups and downs, but especially with the automation methods of modern email marketing systems there has been a flight of fancy again in recent years.Here are a few tips on what is possible with email marketing and what growth hacks you could use.


The email signature as a growth hack

The simplest hack is to take a close look at the signature of all e-mails sent by a company for optimization.

In almost all email systems, you can manage your signatures and you should also use this option to pack as much useful information as possible for the user.
The basics are of course the contact details of the company or the sender to make it as easy as possible for the user to give feedback.

Another important information is often all social media channels and the links to them. These can also be included in the signature. Especially webshops or companies that send a lot of emails to customers should definitely put their social media channels in the signature as well.

In order not to be too intrusive, current offers (“until xy. January -20% on all products”) can also be included in the signature with a link to the landing page. Here, however, it is important to include exact times and deadlines so that there is no confusion if an email is opened much later and then the offer or landing page no longer exists.

Ask for ratings or recommendations in the email

People like colorful things and therefore also prefer colorful star ratings over pure text deserts. Therefore, it can not hurt in emails or the signature of emails to ask for a rating if the customer / user is satisfied with the product / service.

A recommendation is also worth a lot and often just asking for it is enough to get a satisfied customer to recommend the product / service to his friends. With a crisp text and a link behind it the recommendation is even prettier, you are of course even more professional on the road.

Sometimes a simple sentence like “We are happy about every recommendation :) “

Marketing automation using email tools

I would describe the introduction of automated processes for e-mail dispatch / marketing as a somewhat larger growth hack.

Systems such as Mailchimp / Cleverreach etc. can be used to build systems that offer a fully automated process to provide the customer with information. This is often referred to as the marketing funnel, i.e. the funnel where all users who sign up for a newsletter, for example, enter at the top and are then further divided and segmented.

A simple example would be a Software as a Service product that has a demo and a retail version. After a user has registered for the demo version, he receives an email with further information such as tutorials and tips on the software. Depending on which links he clicks in the email he can be thrown into other “pots”/”groups” where it is segmented which interests certain demo users have.

These groups can then be addressed again (fully automatically) with other follow-up emails. And subsequently, after a certain period of time or a certain number of follow-up e-mails, also with a recommendation for the full version / purchase version of the product.

There are almost no limits in these automation processes and after the one-time setup, the system runs automatically and the customer base grows and grows.

So those were a few approaches on how to implement smaller and larger growth measures (aka growth hacks) in email marketing.