Content Strategy and Content Marketing

The right content strategy is essential in today’s marketing world

What is Content Marketing
Content strategy? how exactly does that work now?
The goals of the content measures

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing, the supreme discipline and in recent years the most used buzzword in online marketing and marketing in general. It’s not for nothing that one content marketing agency after another is sprouting from the ground :)

So what is content marketing, what is behind it, and how should it work at all?

Quite simply, the user wants to be entertained or learn something that he did not know before and classifies as interesting. So content must be produced = text, image, video, audio or a mixture of all these media types that offer information with added value. Here it does not matter whether the “recipient” for the content is a consumer in the B2C area or a company in the B2B area. The added value of the information for the user or the company must be recognized and then generated in the highest possible quality.

Many users search for information on Google (actively) or come across useful / entertaining content in social media such as Facebook/Instagram (rather passively). But how can I as a company generate this info (content) or discover the sources for it in my own company first?

Here helps a content strategy and of course a content marketing agency that can assess the specifics of the various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and in combination with email marketing measures and SEO + blog measures makes a suitable selection that fits exactly for the customer (Here are a few good SEO monitoring tools). In recent years, software solutions that simplify content management and inbound marketing have also sprouted from the ground. The most popular examples here are: StoryChief, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo and many more.

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Content strategy? how exactly does that work now?

So that is usually the playbook I would propose to develop the right content strategy for your company:

  • Analysis of existing measures and existing content pools and sources (within the company or externally)
  • Consideration of which type of content is suitable for your company and which target group should be addressed with it
  • Development of a strategy to generate content and to use it advantageously
  • Content production and promotion of the produced content to the target group
    Influencer marketing, blogger relations and other possibilities to promote the generated content
  • Evaluation of the content marketing measures and strategy for further steps

The goals of the content measures

After the first analysis has been made, you should also define the goals that you want to achieve with the content measures. Whether B2C or B2B, smart goals must be defined to make the progress and the measures measurable.

For me, this part is also an integral part of content marketing support and in workshops and discussions we work together to develop the appropriate roadmap. A content strategy in digital marketing is usually also strongly about search engine optimization (SEO) of the website. This discipline is also not neglected and seamlessly integrated into the content strategy to occupy the best possible positions in the search engine with the generated content (to be found by users as easily as possible).